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First Review of My Book!

ForeWord Reviews was kind enough to review my first book, How They Spend Their Sundays.

You can read the review here.  I must say, I’m pretty delighted with the comparison to a box of chocolates!


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My First Book is Published

Yesterday, the fruits of my labor–which is very fitting, considering it was Labor Day–were finally realized. My first book, a collection of short stories, was finally published.

The book was conceived almost six years ago, when I returned from my stint as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho. The stories are all rooted in southern Africa, but I like to think–and I hope I accomplished this–that the stories still manage to be universal and accessible, while also challenging readers to step outside of themselves for a moment, and to embrace that truly human quality–empathy.

However, perhaps you should just read it for yourself…

Buy it Here: How They Spend Their Sundays (Whitepoint Press 2013)