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Debut Collection of Short Stories–September 2013!

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My first book will be published early this fall. I don’t think I will get tired of passing along this news.


The collection of short stories, entitled How They Spend Their Sundays, is a mix of traditional length and flash fiction pieces, all set in the countries of Lesotho and South Africa. When I returned from serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the country of Lesotho, I couldn’t get the place out of my brain. Whenever anyone asked me, “How was Africa?” in that friendly, not-so-curious, naive way, I couldn’t quite answer. And so I wrote my answers instead, and after a few years of writing, revising, workshopping, and publishing two of the pieces, the collection is complete and on its way to publication.

For someone who told stories as a kid into tape recorders, and drew picture books, and sent my first piece of writing to a publisher when I was just 11 (a rewrite of The Three Little Pigs set in… Africa!… and I sent it to Scholastic in an envelope, thinking that this is how one got published), I am delighted to see my life-long dream of publishing a book finally come true.

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